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Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet

Main Material: 304,321 Main applications: Elevator Interior Panel, Mechanical Manufacturing, Pressure Vessel...

Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Strip (Narrow)

Material: 304, 316L, 441, 321 Main applications: Optical fibre, Medical Needle, Kitchen Utensils...

Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Strip (Broad)

Main Material: 304, 316L, 441, 321 Main applications: Bellows, Stampings, Automobile Bellows...

Company Overview

 Wuxi Huansheng Precision Alloy Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, formerly known as WuxiHuansheng Metal Manufacture Co., Ltd.. Huansheng specializes in all grades of cold-rolled stainless steel strip with thickness ranging from 0.03mm to 3.0mm, and width 650mm or less. Withregistered capital of 60 million yuan, HS covers an area of 40000 m2. The annual productioncapacity is around 40,000 tons. In possession of a number of technical and managerial talents,superior production fixtures, complete auxiliary facilities and testing......

Taking customer satisfaction as priority, Huansheng constantly optimizes theorganizational structure of the sales team and keeps adhering to market orientation. Committed to providing quality products and considerate services tocustomers throughout China and even the world, Huansheng is a customized  solution provider to grow and develop along with customers in the philosophy of "industry leadership, customers' satisfaction" as always. While offering  service to domestic customers, Huansheng has also been expanding business  to a number of countries and regions around the world.



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